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Specialty Items

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  • Scallops (Weathervane)

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  • Cox Corner Market Coho Cooked Salmon Filet Dish

    Smoked Salmon Coho Filet

    Coho salmon are also known as silver salmon because of the fish’s bright silver skin. Coho fillets are with a mild, delicate flavor and a moderate oil content. Coho is great for baking, grilling, pan searing, or deep-frying as fish and chips. As with any salmon, it is important to not overcook the fish. Because of its lower price, Coho salmon is a good choice to prepare for a large number of people.

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    Yukon River Smoked Salmon Strips

    Great to eat as is, in salmon dip, with scrambled eggs, or as part of an appetizer platter. A good substitute for traditional “Jerky” our smoked Yukon River Keta salmon – prepared by a traditional method of curing and smoking Keta salmon – is sustainably sourced and wild-caught by Athabascan Alaskan natives on the Yukon River.

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  • Smoked Salmon Jars

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  • Cox Corner Market Cooked Alaskan King Crab Legs

    King Crab

    Red king crab meat is white with streaks of red and is amazingly sweet, moist, succulent, and rich. Red king crab is one of the largest species of crab: high in protein, yet low in calories and fat, king crab is a great choice for a healthy diet.


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  • Fresh Alaskan Salmon Coho Burger Package

    Coho Salmon Burger

    The Coho Salmon burger is made of sustainably sourced, premium wild-caught Alaskan Coho salmon that is high in Heart Healthy Omega-3s. Our Burger has no additives and is nothing other than pure, 100% ground salmon. The burger is taken from the fish after the fillets have been removed – back in the old days the rest of the fish just got thrown away. In an effort to minimize waste and maintain good stewardship of our resources we are recovering very nice, flavorful meat that was otherwise wasted. The burger comes from the flesh next to the bones so tends to have a very rich flavor and consistency.

    Salmon burger is delicious and can be made into salmon patties or sautéed and tossed into salad or pasta with fresh herbs. It is also great in Chowders! Salmon burger can be substituted just about anytime you would use traditional hamburger.

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